Xpose Limited have an in house state of the art Ozone room. Before the products go into the Ozone, the product needs to be cleaned thoroughly by our team and completely remove the mould that is present on the surface. 

Once removed we can start the Ozone process, which takes roughly 24-48 hours.  This will kill all the remaining spores that are not visible but still present and could allow for the mould to regrow.

Using ozone will also completely eradicate any of the odour that was left behind.

Leaving the product fresh and ready for sale. We can then forward this to our reprocessing team who will repackage the items, box it, pallet (if required) and ship it back to you.

From waterlogged warehouses to old musty stock, we have had all kinds of goods, from trainers and clothing to hard product casing and suitcases.

The beauty of our Ozone room is that it is very spacious and effective.

For more information regarding our Ozone room or Mould/Stain removal services. Please contact us via the button below.

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