We are well known in the UK for our fantastic knitwear manufacturing services. From hats, scarves, gloves all the way to baby blankets, jumpers and knitted homeware. We use a wide range of yarns in an array of colours, complex knit structures and the latest technology. Click the button below for more in depth information on our knitting services.


Another service we offer is reprocessing. Our reprocessing services have a wide scope, from Restitching, rebranding, relabelling, rebadging, repackaging to ironing, pressing and steaming. Click the button below for more in depth information on our reprocessing services.


Embroidery is a fantastic way to showcase your brand and with the technology behind embroidery forever evolving, we make sure we are well up to date. Available on a wide range of knitwear such as hats, scarves and even on baseball caps and snapbacks. With bespoke items becoming more and more sought-after, this is something we can help you incorporate within your business / brand.


Damp, stains, mould and Odour can be a real pain for businesses of any size. That’s why Xpose have a fantastic state of the art ozone room and other facilities to help eradicate any smells and stains caused by weathering or other unfortunate circumstances, leaving your stock looking, and smelling like new. Click the button below for more in depth information on our Damp, odour, stain and mould removal services.


Xpose Limited has a vast range of facilities. Should you find the service required is not listed above, but is in a similar scope, please feel free to contact us and discuss the service needed.

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