Garment Reprocessing

We offer a wide range of reprocessing services including relabelling, repacking, garment inspection, button sewing, bar tack, badge sewing, alterations and many more.



Xpose can help our customers with their packing needs, following a production run that needs to be shipped out. We ensure that garments can go from delivery to the shop floor in great condition and with your confidence, thereby assisting your smooth supply chain.

Your garments can be packed into boxes, or supplied in dust bags on a rail. Xpose has extensive storage capability, ensuring that jumpers and cardigans and other items are never folded after refinishing and arrive at the store ready for the rack.


Labelling & Relabelling

Following a production run, your products will require all of the important tags such as wash and care instructions, and brand names.

Xpose will attach the correct tags in the right place with care and precision, making sure that you gain a first class first impression of the quality manufacture of the garment.


Kimballing, Tagging and De-tagging

Xpose is able to do the standard Kimball gun attachment of swing tags, as well as more delicate manual tagging where a Kimball gun can’t be used or where the look and feel of the tag is part of the character of the garment.